Supporting Our Customers

We recognize that access to banking is a critical element for social and economic progress. We continue to remove barriers to help make banking more accessible and inclusive, particularly for vulnerable and underserved populations in the financial system. Through our wide variety of products and services, and by supporting community organizations, we aim to help equip our customers with the tools to better protect their finances now and in the future. First Bank strives to exceed our customers’ expectations, so we monitor satisfaction through surveys and encourage feedback.

Cybersecurity is paramount to First Bank, and we offer multiple layers of measures to detect and prevent fraud. We also provide awareness and education centered on helping our customers recognize and avoid fraudulent situations. We want to help our stakeholders safeguard their businesses, personal identities, and finances, so we offer a fraud education section on our website with articles and advice. In addition to our high security standards offline, we incorporate many tiers into the First Bank Internet Banking system. Every possible effort is made to ensure that our customers' account information is protected from unauthorized access. First Bank Internet Banking is accessed through a Secure Socket Layer (or SSL). This means that all data transmitted to or from First Bank’s computer system is encrypted to protect our customers' money and privacy.

Community Development
In 2021, First Bank helped save 14,649 local jobs at small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic through PPP loans. Almost 80% of the loans went to companies with fewer than 100 employees, and 67% of all loans went to companies with fewer than 25 employees. We recently started a Small Business Express loan, a product created to help small established businesses increase working capital, finance equipment or refinance existing debt.
Small businesses are essential to the growth of the country, and we want to help them thrive!

Customer Feedback

At First Bank, we understand the importance of customer consultation and engagement in the growth and success of our business, and that is why we regularly conduct customer and employee surveys.  We send them within a few days of an account opening, on the relationship anniversary for existing customers, and annually to employees.  The feedback provides us with invaluable information on how our customers, employees and public feel about our products and services, and help us identify areas where we can improve and better serve their needs.  We take pride in our commitment to our communities, and with frequent feedback solicitation, we constantly strive to exceed their expectations.