Private Equity Fund Banking

Private Equity Fund Banking is designed to meet the needs of Private Equity Firms. Our Private Equity Fund Banking group delivers resources and solutions for private equity funds, commercial real estate funds, and other types of funds.

In addition to financing, we offer comprehensive Cash Management products and Deposit accounts that work for you. We work alongside clients to provide tailored solutions, insights and resources to achieve desired goals. 

Capital Call Line of Credit
  • Revolving line of credit allows quick access to capital
  • Used to bridge timing differences between acquisitions and receipt of incoming capital from investors

Working Capital Line of Credit
  • Revolving line of credit for general purposes, such as short-term needs and payment of obligations
  • Typically provided at a later stage in the fund’s life

Portfolio Company Financing
  • Acquisition financing for the purchase of portfolio companies
  • Direct financing to portfolio companies through term loans and lines of credit
Cash Management & Deposit Accounts

Your Private Equity Fund Banking Team
 Ramzi Dagher and Adam Regnery have a combined 40 years of experience in both large regional and community banks with experience concentrated in portfolio management & business development for C&I, CRE, and Middle Market lending.
Ramzi is a board member of the Philadelphia chapter of the Risk Management Association, where he serves as the Membership Chair and is on the Membership Committee for ACG Philadelphia.

Ramzi Dagher
SVP/P.E. Banking Team Leader

Adam Regnery
FVP/P.E. Banking Relationship Manager II