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Escrow Management

Simplify Your  Commercial Escrow and Subaccounting!

Pain-free escrow and subaccounting with First Bank’s

ZRent and ZEscrow Platforms.

With secure online self-serve access, you can efficiently manage all escrow and subaccounting tasks without the hassle of faxing, filling out paper tax forms, or contacting customer service.  Streamline rent collection and escrow account handling with our automated solutions for a faster, simpler, and more efficient process.

ZRent ZEscrow

Managing tenants and ensuring timely rent payments are critical for any property management business. Manual processes can slow growth and efficiency. Our online portal transforms rent collection into an efficient, automated process.
Automate the opening, maintenance, and servicing of escrow, trust, and custodial accounts. This responsive online portal enables quick account adjustments and comprehensive management capabilities.

Perfect for...

• Landlords
• Property managers
• Homeowners associations (HOAs)
• Storage unit operators.
• Parking space managers 
• Landlords and property managers
• Healthcare companies
• Municipalities
Law firms and companies involved in 1031 exchanges
Title and real estate offices
• Utility and transportation companies
Funeral home (prepaid expenses)
Helpful Features including...
• Automate rent collection for quick online tenant payments.
• Streamline operations to focus more on business growth.
• Ensure regulatory compliance, simplifying paperwork.
• Offer 24/7 dashboard access for monitoring and reporting.
• Provide 100% online, anytime access for landlords and tenants.
• Enable quick, 30-second setup for new tenants with recurring payment prompts.
• Secure sensitive banking information for all parties.
• Facilitate rent splitting for multiple payers.

• Manage escrow, trust, and custodial accounts online in real time.
• Eliminate faxing and phone calls for account management.
• Ensure regulatory compliance, and gather and store W-9s and other tax documents online with DocuSign integration.
• Offer 100% online access for team members, anytime and anywhere.
• Open, fund, manage, or close accounts in just 30 seconds.
• Create up to 1,000 digital folders for internal filing compatibility.
• Enable precise, customizable interest calculations and splitting.


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