Protecting the Environment

Sustainability and conservation have always been a part of First Bank’s strategic plan. From an efficient branch footprint to utilizing the latest technology, we are continuously focused on seeking new ways to be more productive with our time and energy, while constantly protecting the resources to which we are entrusted. We encourage sustainable practices at our office locations to reduce water waste and the use of paper and plastics.

Environmental Impact
As we continue to grow and acquire new branches, we make sure the latest buildings adhere to our high environmental standards. We prioritize sustainable design to improve our buildings’ efficiencies and reduce resource consumption, along with our carbon footprint. Our remodeling projects include recycling all building materials, such as carpeting, wood, concrete, and lighting. Replacement textiles are derived from recycled resources whenever possible. We convert all oil-based heat sources to natural gas and replace all lighting with LED bulbs and motion sensors wherever appropriate.
We recycle anything possible. This includes paper, hazardous materials such as batteries, electronics and freon gas. We work with an electronic disposal and recycling vendor who provides secure data destruction for confidential information, electronic devices, and metal recycling. All our paper and packaging are securely recycled. Since 2022, we have recycled over 3 tons of paper, resulting in 1,056,250 Metric Tons of Carbon Equivalent avoided, 25.4 barrels of oil and 14,789 gallons of water saved. We have recycled over 6,000 pounds of electronic and hazardous material, which saved 168,279 hours of electricity, 169 cubic yards of landfill space, almost 7,000 gallons of oil saved, and 20 trees. The grounds and garden waste of our 18 branches are fully recycled and converted to reusable landscaping materials. We reduce plastic waste by using refillable water bottles, and some of our employees lessen fuel consumption by working remotely.

Aiding our Customers’ Sustainability Goals
We are making continuous investments in technology to reduce the use of paper and carbon emissions whenever possible. We enable waste reduction for our customers by offering the following sustainable and responsible investing strategies:
• Free online personal and business mobile banking platforms so clients can safely do their banking without driving to a branch.
• Bill pay, wires, automatic payments/transfers, and remote deposit reduce the need to write and mail checks.
• Paperless options for e-statements, e-bills, and receipt of annual reports.
• Choosing supply chain partners equally as committed to our high sustainability and ethical standards.