Building and Caring For Our Teams

At First Bank, our people are our most important and greatest resource, and we are committed to investing in each person by offering robust benefits, wellness programs, and opportunities for professional education and career advancement. Our goal is to recruit, retain, and develop an outstanding and diverse workforce. We feel that every person has unique talents and perspectives that are invaluable to the growth of our company. We strive to hire historically underrepresented groups, who are racially and ethnically diverse, LGBTQ+, veterans, and people with disabilities. In 2023, females represent 61% of our total workforce and 43% of management. 14% of our management are minorities.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
A diverse team, one with varying beliefs and opinions, is invaluable to the growth of the Bank, while better meeting and exceeding the needs of a diverse customer base. We want our employees to feel and see that they are represented across all levels of the Bank, and to foster an environment of inclusion and belonging. Our DEI Committee reports on community service spotlights, organizes a calendar of monthly events, and maintains a blog to celebrate and remember our country’s diverse history. Some of these highlights are: Black History Month, Pride Month, Women’s History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, etc. The Committee is a clear line of communication to the leaders of the Bank, and may voice concerns that could adversely affect employee retention.

Teaching our Core Beliefs
It is imperative that all our employees embrace our commitment to ethics and human rights. Upon hiring and annually, every employee completes an extensive training program, which includes diversity and inclusion philosophies, information security standards, compliance and harassment policies, and our whistleblower procedure. Our Internship Program demonstrates our commitment to developing the youth in our community, with many of our interns accepting full-time positions wanting to permanently join our outstanding organization. We are committed to the development and retention of our employees, so in 2022 the retail banking department implemented a new thorough training program for recent hires and employees advancing their careers.

Team Building
Team building and networking is another focus of our culture as deepening relationships help create a more positive work environment. One way we do this is through frequent team member social events, including the following:

• Family day at the horse races
• Individual department outings
• Celebrating career milestones
• Group training sessions
• Holiday party
• Take your child to work day
• Peer Recognition Program so employees can recognize superior efforts of their peers
• Volunteering opportunities

Work-Life Balance
In addition to comprehensive health and welfare benefits and retirement plans, employees are offered a variety of other benefits including:

• Employee assistance programs to better balance work and personal commitments including stress reduction, legal and financial services, nutrition and fitness advice
• Part-time working options
• Working from home options
• Mental health awareness training and complimentary Calm premium account
• Employee Engagement Survey to assess employee satisfaction and engagement
• Tuition reimbursement so employees may further their professional careers
• Short and long-term disability for those on leave due to medical issues
• Engaging a compensation consultant to ensure fair wages for all employees
• Paid parental leave for employees having or adopting a child
• Lactation facilities and benefits
• Flexible time to allow for schedules best suited to an employee’s home situation
• Paid time off for voting