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Remote Deposit Capture

Business owners can save time while benefiting from faster funds availability and return notification by depositing checks from the comfort of their own offices with First Bank’s Remote Deposit Capture. For an additional fee*, Remote Deposit Capture is available to Truly Free Checking, Commercial Checking, and Nonprofit Checking account owners.

1.) $500 for equipment; initial set-up fee $175, 2.) $50 monthly service fee, and 3.) could be subject to transaction fees depending on type of deposit account and level of deposit balances in those accounts.

Banking Basics

remote check scanner Remote Check Scanning
Drive-Through Convenience
(No Driving Required)

One of the only reasons business banking customers may find themselves driving to the bank is to deposit checks. Now, even that drive is no longer necessary, thanks to Remote Check Scanning, which allows customers to deposit checks by simply sending them through a remote scanner in their own place of business.

Not only do business owners save time – and gas – by eliminating the need for trips to the bank, but they also benefit from faster funds availability and return notification with Remote Check Scanning.